artist statement

The content of my work is inspired by the desire to communicate my visual experiences passionately with others. I spend time exploring dimensions of landscape and developing a love for places and things that we occasionally take for granted. Artists share perceptions with growing audiences ready for anything-my job is to stimulate, not dictate.

Some of my references are from black and white satellite photos that I have cropped and stretched into a new composition. Other selections are photographed by me, found or from imagination. The rich textures are developed to amplify the layers of color beneath to represent growth and erosion.


My figurative work concentrates on the abstract human form and my personal approach to relationships, such as love lost and found, strength and vulnerability. I study and dissect expressions, or the absence of them. Many of my figures do not have detailed faces for this reason.

My current work ranges from multicolored grids in aerial landscapes to the composition of city buildings and the directional pull of a rustic road. It is a challenge for me to find a balance from the irregular patterns I find in agriculture and urban sprawl.

Kim Ford Kitz